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All of my young adult life I have been fascinated with family trees and the questions and stories they bring up. I hear tale that the IMPL offers ancestry.com for free with access to everything and that, my friends, sounds a whole lot better than paying $27/month.  So, I’m finally diving head first into my family history, including James’ family tree on his dad’s side. I already have a whole list of names thanks to James’ great-grandmother, Linda. My side of the family tree is a complete mystery to me. I’ve heard a story or two at some points in my life, but now I’m going to essentially meet these people, learn, who they were and what they did, what they saw, where they went. I’m going to find out what generation American I am from my dad’s side.  This is all very exciting for a nostalgic person such as myself.  I have VERY little family (a lot that are living, but two that I am close with; that being my mom and brother).  I haven’t felt a sense of belonging in my family since the death of my grandmother, Ada, in 1998. The family just dissipated and stopped caring about each other; or maybe they just finally started letting their true feelings out after that, I don’t know.  That’s not my concern anymore.

I’m clinging to the last thread of family ties through this journey.  My brother essentially is the last Moralez unless he has a son; a very big moment for this family.

So, let’s get started!