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Well, when I think back to the days it was easy to change James’ diaper and get him dressed … these days it’s a fight to the death to get him to lay still so I can change his diaper, let alone put pants or shorts on him.  So last night, while celebrating Star Wars day with pizza and a movie marathon, I looked up at him, glanced at the TV because he got a wicked smile on his face, looked back at him and his pants and diaper were half off, bare bum hanging out for me to see.  He was quite pleased with himself as the photo below shows you: Evidence A.

Mr Trouble

Yes, my boy has crossed over into the Naked Side and he thoroughly enjoys it.  So, I guess now I will be looking down and seeing him naked when people come to visit, or at least in the process of becoming naked.

Today is Cinco de Mayo and last year we didn’t celebrate. So, we are this year.  This morning we went to the zoo and tired ourselves out.  He just woke up from his nap and is making something for his Nana (at least he’s suppose to be doing that). Tonight we’re going to El Rodeo with his Nana and Papaw Judd (yes, his dad’s folks) and it should be a fun time provided he doesn’t throw his food and/or plate on the floor. One never knows with a toddler.