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Thursday, March 29, 2012 is the day we lost our precious mother and James’ YaYa. She was taken suddenly by leukemia and has left a major void in our lives.

James asks for her, but after 7 days he’s already begun to stop. It’s heartbreaking either way you slice it.

My mother was so passionate about her children and my brother said it best at her service yesterday: ”The day Sarah was born her passion in life began and a flame lit inside her. The flame grew twice as big when [I] was born. … Then on August 7, 2012 James was born and that flame erupted.”

She is a hard act to follow, but I’m certainly going to have to try my best taking over the matriarch role in the family.

Chris and I felt comforted seeing our long lost uncles, aunts, and cousins. Friends and family gathered around us; there was a lot of love and I’m happy to say a lot of laughter, too.

I miss her and I’m incredibly sad that now James will only know both of my parents through storytelling. It’s neither fair nor right to lose both of your parents before you’re 30, but it’s my new reality and every day goes on so I can either keep up one day at a time or fall behind and ruin all my hard work at creating a better life, one she’d be proud of me for.

I choose to make her proud and not let her die in vain.

Sep 10, 1954-Mar 29, 2012